Command Post Solutions

Why Command Post Solutions for Your National Incident Management?

Command Post Solutions created Easy IAP to provide emergency planners a new model for their disaster response needs. Our software is the simple answer to the complex paperwork burden of the Incident Action Plan (IAP). At the core of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) is the Incident Command System (ICS) but the heart of NIMS/ICS is the Incident Action Plan. The IAP consists of numerous, complex and repetitive forms that, quite honestly, is a major roadblock to the full integration of day to day operations of NIMS/ICS. If Incident Commanders and Disaster Planners wait for a disaster to learn how to create an IAP, well it will be like trying to fill out your income tax forms when your house is on fire. Not a great opportunity for success!!

Is the Emergency Disaster Management Software Difficult to Use?

Easy IAP’s simplicity of design eliminates the learning curve for key response personnel tasked with creating and maintaining the IAP. Easy IAP digitized the approved standard FEMA/ICS forms and the burden of filling out the required the forms is replaced by a simple to use wizard. Just answer each question the wizard presents and data is transferred to the correct form where ever it is needed throughout the IAP. The software standardizes all the requirements of an IAP as mandated by the National Incident Management System (NIMS), Incident Command System, – meeting the requirements of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 for all emergency responders. This system is so simple to use Police and Fire departments use Easy IAP to create IAPs for non-disaster events such as parades and sporting events. Regular use of Easy IAP for community events makes these special events an opportunity to train as you work. Easy IAP is cost-effective software and a perfect fit for budget-strapped agencies.

Easy IAP from the Creator, Daniel Linehan, Retired Sergeant of the San Francisco Police Department

“Easy IAP is changing the way disasters are managed,” says Daniel Linehan, Easy IAP creator and retired Sergeant of the San Francisco Police Department. “It’s designed to be a one-stop solution to handle all response efforts from all agencies. With Easy IAP, fire and police departments, state and Federal agencies, health departments, NGOs, and other response organizations can finally work as a united team, which ultimately means a more efficient and more successful operation.”

Why Choose Easy IAP?

The Easy IAP software delivers a system of seamless communication, allowing for the timely exchange of information, resources, and equipment. Its uncomplicated user interface easily provides for on-going refinement of the IAP throughout each operational period, and also automatically creates other critical information needed in an emergency, including phone lists, organization charts, and task scheduling.