Easy IAP Incident Management Software

Easy IAP 

Easy IAP is user friendly incident management software that eliminates the burden of the Incident Action Plan (IAP) paperwork. Easy IAP is so simple to use, police and fire departments are now creating hundreds of IAP’s for non-disaster events such as parades and sporting events. Every community has numerous annual civic events that can be used as disaster response training!! Training budgets are tight or even worse… completely slashed. Waiting for a disaster to learn how to create an IAP will only add to the stress of your response and increase the potential for failure!!

Developing an IAP using Easy IAP is as simple as adding information through the intuitive wizard one time and sharing it to every ICS form necessary. Every IAP becomes easily modified, 100% accurate, finished and shared in record time. Easy IAP minimizes command post staffing placing responders in the field where they are needed most.

Print options allow finished IAP’s to be converted into PDF documents. The PDF’s can shared by email, making your IAP understood and readable everywhere on iPhones, iPads or any other smart phone or tablet. An accurate IAP is essential to the success of your emergency response and Easy IAP makes your IAP painless.

Easy IAP features include:

  • Critical information about incidents is automatically saved and available for training, After Action Reports or Corrective Action Plans.
  • Pre-loaded Department Personnel, Hospital, Ambulance and communication information easily adds information to the forms with a click of a mouse.
  • Template IAP’s can be created for every natural disaster or critical infrastructure.
  • Easily create or delete General Sections, branches, divisions, groups, units or assign personnel.
  • Track incident management personnel and response organizations while collecting all costs as they are incurred.

Save time and money with our Easy IAP – Incident Management Software!